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Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.

Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.

SEM Lab.

한국해양대학교 스포츠의학연구실

Sports and Exercise Medicine Laboratory

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SEM Lab.


Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) Laboratory

Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) Laboratory at KMOU is a cutting-edge collaborative research group in exercise medicine.

Korea Maritime & Ocean University



Physical Activity and Nutrition 2023; 27(2): 025-033 [SCOPUS]

Accelerometer-derived physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns among Korean adults

Seung Woo Shin, Hyunmin Kim, Young Hun Kang, Junghoon Kim*

Environmental Health Perspectives, 2023, 131(4):1-11 [SCIE]

Urinary Phthalate Metabolites and Slow Walking Speed in the Korean Elderly Environmental Panel II Study

Jeonggyo Yoon, Esther García-Esquinas, Junghoon Kim, Jung Hyun Kwak, Hongsoo Kim et al.

The Asian Journal of Kinesiology 2023; 25(2): 43-51 [KCI]

Acute Effects of Electromyography Biofeedback Training on the Joint Position Sense and Pain in Adults with Patellofemoral Pain

Jooeun Park, Seung Woo Shin, Shin-Beum Kang, Junghoon Kim*

The Asian Journal of Kinesiology (2022) 24(4):25-33 [KCI]

Epidemiology of Surfing-related Injuries in South Korea: Type, Location and Mechanism

Seung Woo Shin, Juseong Lee, and Junghoon Kim

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