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Topic 4

Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.

Research Topics

Validating the Efficacy of Ocean Healing Programs

  • Research is needed to validate the efficacy of marine healing resources for health promotion due to the increasing interest in natural and complementary therapies for health and well-being. While there is anecdotal evidence that marine environments can have therapeutic effects on physical and mental health, scientific evidence is lacking. Validating the efficacy of these resources through rigorous research can help establish their role in health promotion and inform the development of evidence-based interventions for individuals and communities.

ICT, IoT based visitor customized ocean healing service by information collection and analysis


Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2015), 74, 405–412

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Effect of sarcopnic obesity on the multimorbidity 

JAMDA 17 (2016) 960.e1e960.e7

  • According to our study, there is evidence to suggest that objectively measured sarcopenia and abdominal obesity are independently associated with an increased risk of multimorbidity, even after adjusting for potential confounding factors. Furthermore, our findings indicate that sarcopenic obesity may pose a greater risk of multimorbidity compared to sarcopenia or obesity alone. However, to establish a causal relationship, further longitudinal studies are warranted.

The associations of the muscular strength and weakness group with the medical utilization and the risk of premature mortality

Asian J Kinesiol 2021; 23(3): 38-45

  • Muscle weakness may contribute to the morbidity and increase the healthcare burden associated with chronic diseases.
  • According to our recent study, dynapenia, evaluated by grip strength, was significantly associated with a higher risk of hospitalization and an increase in utilization for healthcare.
  • Therefore, preventing sarcopenia may serve as a crucial public health strategy to promote well-being, prevent disease, and decrease healthcare burden.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2022, 19:39.

  • Numerous epidemiological studies have reported an association between sarcopenia and increased morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease.
  • Our study is the first to demonstrate that sarcopenia is a robust predictor of premature mortality.
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