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Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.


Associations between Concurrent Aerobic–Muscular Exercise with Metabolic Risk Factors among General Korean Adults

Junghoon Kim, Shin-Beum Kang*

The 10th Asia Conference on Kinesiology

Poster Presentation



Clinical exercise interventions show that compared to engaging in one physical activity mode, combining moderate-to-vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity (MVPA) and muscle-strengthening exercise (MSE) has more favourable metabolic health benefits. However, few studies examine these associations among population samples, and none among Korean adults.

A cross-sectional analysis on a sub-sample of participants (n=9120, 20-80 years) from the 2014-2015 Korea National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey. Fasting blood samples were analysed for adverse metabolic risk factors (e.g. high glucose/glycohaemoglobin/triglycerides/insulin) and MVPA/MSE was assessed using validated questionnaires. Poisson regression models examined the association between individual and having ≥4 adverse biomarkers across categories of MVPA/MSE guideline adherence (met neither [reference group]; MVPA only; MSE only; met both), and prevalence ratios (PR) were reported, adjusted for confounders (e.g. age, education, smoking, waist circumference).

Mean age was 46.2 years (SE= 1.7) and 50.3% were female. Compared to meeting neither, meeting both guidelines had the lowest PRs have four out of eight individual adverse metabolic biomarkers, and for having ≥4 adverse biomarkers (PR= 0.64; 95% CI: 0.53-0.78). In a sex-stratified analysis, among males, only meeting both had a lower PR for ≥4 adverse biomarkers (PR =0.67; 95% CI: 0.53-0.85). For females, for ≥4 adverse biomarkers, the PR was lowest among those meeting both (PR= 0.46; 95% CI: 0.31-0.66), followed by MSE only (PR=0.65; 95% CI: 0.42-0.96) and MVPA only (PR=0.78; 95% CI: 0.65-0.92).

Meeting both the MVPA-MSE guidelines was associated with a lower prevalence of adverse metabolic risk factors among Korean adults.

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