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Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.


The Impact of the FIFA 11+ Program in Injury Rate and Physical Performance for Male Soccer Players: A Systematic Review

Hyunmin Kim, Juseong Lee, Junghoon Kim*

2020 International Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 21st Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists

Oral Presentation



Objectives: The purpose of this study was to integrate information about the effects of FIFA 11+ injury prevention program in soccer.
Design and Methods: Systematic review. We used PubMed and Web of Science to search randomized controlled trials comparing FIFA 11+ injury prevention program with control groups among soccer players.
Results: Total of 13 studies was selected through eligibility criteria. 7 studies included overall, ankle, knee, and hamstring injury rate between FIFA 11+ versus control groups, while the other 6 studies included improvement of exercise performance, such as vertical jump, 20m sprint, agility, hip adduction strength, and FMS total score between FIFA 11+ versus control groups. There was a lower rate of injury in the intervention group from all 7 studies. Couple of studies had different criteria to compare with other studies. Most values of exercise performance were also significantly improved from all 6 studies except for the values of agility time.
Conclusions: Multiple studies have proven injury rate reduction and exercise performance improvement of FIFA 11+ program comparing with control groups. We also found that it at least required over 4 weeks of intervention time to be effective. Therefore, coaches and players might need to consider including FIFA 11+ program as a warm-up period to prepare the regular season.

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