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Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.


Effects of the Ocean Healing Program on the Body Composition and Dynamic Balance in Middle-aged Women: Randomized Controlled Trial

Geonwoo Lee, Minhyuk Kwon, Seungwoo Shin, Juseong Lee, Yunseo Choi, Junghoon Kim* et al.

2022 Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 23rd Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists

Poster Presentation



‘Ocean healing’ refers to treatments using seawater, seaweed, mud, sand, and all substances coming from the sea used for curative and preventative purposes. Previous studies have been supported the use of seawater to therapy in improving physical and mental health. However, the clinical effects of ocean healing program using leisure-sports remain unknown. Therefore, we investigated the effect of the ocean healing program using a stand-up paddle board (SUP) on body composition and dynamic balance in middle-aged women.
Thirty women aged ≥30 years participated for this study and were randomly classified into SUP group (N=15, mean age: 50.0±13.5 years) and control group (N=15, mean age: 52.0±12.6 years). Body weight, body mass index, %body fat, skeletal muscle mass, and skeletal muscle index were measured using InBody. We also conducted the Y-balance test to measure the dynamic balance ability. Participants in the intervention group performed the SUP program 3 times a week for 60 min, and the total intervention period was 10 weeks.
In the intervention group, 13 women completed the 10-week intervention. Body weight (P=0.004) and %body fat (P=0.002) was significantly decreased in the SUP group after intervention. Moreover, we found that skeletal muscle mass was increased in SUP group (P=0.029) but not in control group. Compared to the control group, the score of Y-balance test of the intervention group were significantly improved (baseline: 85.6±7.6 vs post: 96.2±5.4, P<0.001).
On trial completion the primary outcome (body weight, %body fat, and skeletal muscle mass) was significantly improved compared with control group. We also found improved dynamic balance in the SUP group after 10 weeks intervention. Our findings suggest that implementation of an ocean healing program is an effective intervention to enhance body composition and dynamic balance in middle-aged women.

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