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다층 라이브러리


Sports and Exercise Medicine Lab.

Effects of a lifestyle-based physical activity intervention on medical expenditure in Japanese adults: a community-based retrospective study

Yasuyo Yoshizawa, Junghoon Kim, and Shinya Kuno

BioMed Research International (2016) 2016 [SCIE]


Background. This study aimed to investigate whether a lifestyle-based physical activity program could contribute to reduced medical expenditure. Methods. The study participants were 60 adults aged 63.1 (standard deviation, 4.4) years in the intervention group; the case-control group consisted of 300 adults who were randomly selected from Japan’s national health insurance system. This community-based retrospective study incorporated a 3-year follow-up. Results. The total and outpatient medical expenditure in the intervention group were significantly lower than in the control group: total expenditure, $US640.4/year; outpatient expenditure, $369.1/year. The odds ratio for outpatient visiting was 6.47-fold higher in the control than in the intervention group. Conclusion. Our study suggests that a health program to promote physical activity can result in reduced total medical expenditure, outpatient medical expenditure, and possibly also inpatient medical expenditure.

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